Carisma Adventure - SCA-1E Coyote - RTR - 1/10 Scale - WB 285mm

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The RTR Coyote has all the features you would expect of a rig of this type. It’s designed around... mehr
Produktinformationen "Carisma Adventure - SCA-1E Coyote - RTR - 1/10 Scale - WB 285mm"

The RTR Coyote has all the features you would expect of a rig of this type. It’s designed around a steel ‘C’ section ladder chassis, has a detailed 50s style truck body, and is designed to be the starting point for anyone wanting to get into this exciting a vibrant sector of RC at an affordable price.

It’s not a competition rig; it doesn’t have any fancy gimmicks or technology, but it is a robust, well-designed and tested one-box solution. Just charge the pack and hit the trails. It really is as simple as that.

But looks can be deceiving: Underneath the understated shell is a full steel UJ equipped driveline with a locked-axle transmission to generate maximum traction from the slipper clutch protected gearbox, right through to the wheels and tyres. A 35T brushed motor offers the perfect balance between torque and RPM, and true 4-link double triangulated link geometry is used to minimise axle steer. The high torque, axle mounted servo can be chassis mounted in the future if so desired, and the waterproof electronic speed control is programmable for both NiMH and LiPo use, with a crawler mode set as its default which offers instant reverse and always-on drag brakes.

The high grip 1.9” offroad tyres are fitted to real beadlock wheels allowing the owner to fine tune the rig’s weight bias for crawling by adding stick on wheel weights. For fun and trail-only use, the rig’s stock setup is just perfect. The front bumper is winch-ready and the shell designed to accommodate an LED kit to add that extra touch of scale realism and allow night runs. Scale, Trail, Crawl. The SCA-1E is capable of all, and the basis of as detailed or as simple a scale build as you want to undertake.

RTR SCA-1E Coyote Features

Solid Axles & Double-Tringulated 4 link Suspension
Steel C-Section Ladder Chassis & Trail Ready Layout
35T Motor & Centrally Mounted Transmission
Waterproof, LiPo Safe ESC with Crawler Mode
Quality Hi-Torque, Metal-Geared Steering Servo
Rear Bumper with Tow Hitch & Shackles included
Front Bumper with Shackles & Winch Mount
True Beadlock Wheels & High Grip Tyres
Fully Adjustable FHSS 2.4Ghz TX
Responsive FHSS 2.4GHz Rx

Technische Daten
Carisma RC
1-10 Scale
Car Model Type
Electric Offroad 4WD Scale Truck RTR
Length (mm)
480 mm
Width (mm)
236 mm
Height (mm)
210 mm
Wheel base (mm)
285 mm
Weight (g)
1930 g (2150 g with RTR battery)
4WD Shaft Driven
Ball Beared
Ball Bearing + Bronze Bushing
Motor Type
540 Type 35T brushed
ESC Type
Waterproof 7.2 - 11.1 V brushed incl. LiPo and Crawler Mode
Battery Type
7.2V, 1400mah NiMh battery pack
Battery tray dimensions
(L x W): 158 mm x 29 mm or 142 mm x 51 mm
USB-powered battery charger
RC functions
Required items
A True RTR with AA's, NiMH Pack and Charger included


Fully assembled incl. 2.4 GHz Radio System, Waterproof Brushed-ESC, Hi-Torque Metal Gear Servo, 1400mAh 7.2V NiMH-Battery, USB-powered battery charger, 4pcs AA-Batteries and manual (multilingual).


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